POSTER: Pathology AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Deep learning has created a hype about artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare AI. Flagship Biosciences has been developing a pathology AI system over the last 8 years to solve the most challenging real-world tissue analysis problems across the entire pharmaceutical industry. We share our experience and vision through the key concepts and aspects around pathology AI in this poster.

We need to replace the microscope, not the pathologist. Pathologists using the right tools can perform high-performance, high-complexity tissue analysis. A pathology AI system designed to our key concepts, where pathologists bring in their unique expertise about the tissue and computers provide the computational tasks that are impossible for humans, provides excellent performance and full transparency into the decision process. Pathology AI systems that replace the pathologists will have a hard time achieving the performance of pathologists assisted by computers.

A demo of our pathology AI system for immuno-oncology (IO) can also be found on YouTube.

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