Veterinary pathology in animal health

Animal Health Consulting and Flagship Biosciences team to offer virtual pathology in animal health product development.

Flagstaff, AZ – January 11, 2011 – Flagship Biosciences and Animal Health Consulting announce a services partnership alliance to offer specialized quantitative efficacy and toxicology measurements in tissue to animal health pharmaceutical and device organizations. While animal health medical products closely mirror their human health areas, they require specialized veterinary knowledge and expertise.

Animal Health Consultants, based in Prescott, Arizona, has years of experience in veterinary contract research, technology assessment, clinical trials, business development, marketing and sales of drugs, devices, vaccines, biologics, diagnostics, stem cells, and nutraceutical products to the animal health market. Flagship Biosciences has over 60 years of combined veterinary pathology expertise with board-certified veterinary pathologists on staff, and a focus on innovative approaches to quantitative pathology.

“Many venture-led pharmaceutical firms are realizing the opportunities in the animal health market, where the product development timelines are shorter and one can get faster feedback on both efficacy and toxicology, while improving the lives of animals with innovative products,” said Dr. Craig Woods DVM, CEO and Founder of Animal Health Consulting. “Similar to the human health market, animal health drug and biologics firms require data on efficacy and toxicology in the local tissue environment. Flagship’s industry-leading quantitative pathology and multiplexed IHC approaches have many applications in delivering data faster in animal health”.

“Diagnosis and treating diseases in companion animals can certainly be enhanced by the rapid growth of digital pathology and with the advances in digital analytical capabilities in the IHC-based assessments of tissues.” said Dr. David Young, a veterinary pathologist and the President of Flagship Biosciences.  “I am excited about the role of Flagship and our partnership with Animal Health Consulting to advance digital pathology services for veterinary drug development programs.

“It is remarkable regional progress for northern Arizona to combine pathology, animal health expertise, with the latest breakthroughs in digital pathology and whole slide image analysis”, said Dr. Robert Kellar, a well-known leader in tissue engineering and medical device implants, and a member of Flagship’s Board of Directors.

Flagship Biosciences LLC, with a histology datacenter in Flagstaff, Arizona, and digital pathology services from Boston and Nottingham, UK, is a pathologist-owned company that delivers quantitative pathology to pharmaceutical and medical device clients

Animal Health Consulting LLC focuses on regulatory, product and business development for the animal health industry.

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