Collateral about our tissue analysis services, processes, technology, and regulatory support for pharma and clinical diagnostics.

eGuidebook: Accelerating Drug Development Through Innovative Tissue Analysis

A guide for key scientists and managers in immuno-oncology drug development.

Our Process at Flagship Biosciences

Combining patented technology with a unique, proprietary process, Flagship delivers better data with more actionable insights.

Driving Your Biomarker Strategy: Facts by the Numbers

Flagship Biosciences, Inc. provides rich, contextual biomarker data services, powered by our proprietary image analysis technology, allowing our pharmaceutical partners to make confident clinical decisions.

Phase 1 Through Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Support

Drug development success improves with co-development of an appropriate companion diagnostic biomarker 

Global Regulatory Strategy And Regulatory Submission Support

Ensure regulatory support for your development team through every phase of your drug development life cycle

Tissue Image Analysis and Biomarker Assessment Implementation Benefits

Improve Your Return on Investment, Accelerate Trials, and Minimize Budget