Create Biomarker Confidence with Tissue Context

Flagship’s cTA® Platform and Decision Support Process accelerates your biomarker-driven drug development strategies.

New! ActionAssays™

A comprehensive catalog of more than 100 singleplex and multiplex brightfield immunohistochemistry assays that provide actionable data to define and advance your biomarker program.

New! ActionAnalysis™

Rapidly evaluate existing targets through trend analysis, tissue wide expression and relative rank ordering. Accelerate and simplify your current and future tissue analysis needs.

Flagship Biosciences Accelerates Your Path to Clinical Success

Discovery & PhI Trials


Make informed early pipeline decisions that will accelerate the right clinical path.

Early Trials

Enable critical go/no-go decisions based on confirmation of action.

PhII - PhIII Trials

Efficacy Trials

Solve critical problems in experimental medicine that pose barriers to success.

Pivotal Trials

Differentiate your commercial strategy and increase probability of success.
Meeting the challenges of biomarkers

73% of oncology compounds rely on biomarker data during development, with the scientific challenges of biomarker identification and test development being the most challenging.

Tufts CSDD Impact Report – Volume 17, Number 3 (May/June, 2015)

Immune Response Characterization for Effective Therapies

Flagship Biosciences’ cTA® platform and precision decision support processes apply computational analysis to tissue biomarkers to help drug developers confidently define a path to success.
Flagship Services include Biomarker Assay Development, Tumor Microenvironment Profiling, Whole Slide Scoring, CISH/IHC Multiplexing, Computational Pathology, and CAP/CLIA Validation.

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