Early Trials

Flagship’s cTA™ Platform and Decision Support Process establish a clear biomarker strategy for your drug development programs.
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Exploratory & Efficacy Endpoints

Enable critical go/no-go decisions based on confirmation of action.

Flagship is the ideal partner when you need to understand complex biology in tissue context to:

  • Understand complex pharmacodynamic changes to evaluate efficacy hypothesis, and
  • Make critical go/no-go decisions based on confirmation of action.

Flagship strengthens early pipeline decisions by:

  • Creating fit-for-purpose assays to evaluate pharmacodynamic or surrogate efficacy responses in tissue context.
  • Leveraging Flagship’s proprietary tissue interpretation platform and cross-disciplinary expertise to elucidate biomarker information.

Flagship’s technology is fully developed, clinically validated and empowered by scientific and operational expertise

proven success

There are pre-proof of concept clinical trials that are about getting proof of science and technology…..this is where I partner with Flagship.

-Senior Director, Oncology Research, large pharma company


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