Flagship Biosciences’ support of Summit Therapeutics highlighted at the 2017 Needham Healthcare Conference

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Glyn Edwards, CEO of Summit Therapeutics, plc and speaker at the Needham Healthcare Conference, highlighted the work that Flagship Biosciences is doing to support automated analyses of muscle biopsies in Summit’s on-going Phase 2 clinical trial for DMD. These analyses have the potential to support proof of concept for Summit’s utrophin modulator, ezutromid. In response to a question about how Summit is planning to measure utrophin and other biomarkers from biopsies, Mr. Edwards provided the following response:

“We happen to be working with Flagship Biosciences who has done a huge amount of work, not just with muscle biopsy samples but in the cancer space. So we are using immunohistochemistry rather than immunofluorescence. We are using machine-based methods that are applying reagents as well as reading that means you get a much higher consistency about the way reagents are applied. You read results from about 2000 muscle fibers rather than the 7 or 8 that a histo-pathologist might look down a microscope and all these things reduce the variability, increase the number of actual samples that are being read and that increases the precision of your methods. We’ve been very grateful to have received a large number of banked biopsy samples from DMD boys to be able to validate these assay techniques both for utrophin and actually one of the biopsy analyses that we’ll be doing that we’re really excited on is muscle fiber maturity. So yes, we’re very confident that we’ll be able to make these with a high precision.”

The complete transcript of Glyn Edwards presentation can be found at

Flagship Biosciences is proud to support Summit Therapeutics’ efforts to advance therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal genetic muscle wasting disease.

The Needham Healthcare Conference is a forum for institutional investors and venture capital firms featuring updates from senior management of approximately 140 leading public and private companies across the Biotechnology, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology & Diagnostics and Healthcare Services sectors.

About Summit Therapeutics
Summit is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialisation of novel medicines for indications for which there are no existing or only inadequate therapies. Summit is conducting clinical programs focused on the genetic disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and the infectious disease, Clostridium difficile infection. Further information is available at and Summit can be followed on Twitter @summitplc.

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