Efficacy Trials

Flagship’s cTA® Platform and Decision Support Process accelerates your diagnostic strategy decisions to create a confident path forward.

Predictive Strategy Building

Flagship's approaches overcome critical problems in tissue biomarker interpretation to enable a strategy for commercial success.

Flagship is the ideal partner when you need to strengthen the predictive ability of the biomarker with:

  • Quantitative data to establish the efficacy correlation earlier in clinical development; to
  • Identify or expand the selected patient population with precision cutpoints.

Flagship’s approach increases the likelihood of success by identifying responsive patients using tests which can:

  • Elucidate complex combinations of cell types to identify a responsive phenotype.
  • Establish non-obvious correlations based on contextual relationships of cells to identify a key biology.

Our integrated scientific and clinical operations form the largest tissue image analysis laboratory in the world.

Proven Success

Flagship refined our thinking for a potential patient selection and diagnostic test, and definitely accelerated clinical time lines.

-VP of clinical biomarkers for a global pharmaceutical company


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