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About Us

Flagship Biosciences, Inc. is the world leader in image analysis pathology services. With advanced techniques centered around automated analysis of whole-slide microscope imagery processed on a cutting-edge, high-performance computing platform, Flagship analysts, scientists, and pathologists work with gigabyte-scale image data to provide critical biological insight. Flagship develops its analytic and infrastructural technology in-house, providing truly unique capabilities not available anywhere else in the market.

The Team

Embedded within the larger company, the software development team is responsible for developing software to enable Flagship’s unique operational capabilities. Founded with the mandate to replace legacy software infrastructure with a modern HPC architecture, the small team has grown to include engineers experienced in real time graphics, distributed systems, game development, and high-performance computing.

With a lean project management methodology, the team is organized to rapidly respond to changing operational requirements and deliver precisely the necessary software in time to capitalize on market opportunity. This agility must be accomplished without sacrificing software quality or regulatory accountability.

The Project

The TALIS Project is an umbrella project composed of many modules implemented using a variety of technologies. The project is intended to provide Flagship’s entire image analysis and data management infrastructure, enabling Flagship computer vision scientists to develop next-generation image analysis algorithms.

TALIS is built on the principle of using the right tool for the right job, with modules written using appropriate enabling technology, ensuring that tooling for each module is fit to purpose. The project includes several Windows desktop applications/components and several UNIX server applications.

The software is developed in C++, Java, and Python. GitLab and JIRA are also utilized. Some enabling technology used includes: Linux, SLURM, and OpenGL.

What we need

The software development team has an immediate need for a strong developer to design, implement, and maintain component written in C++11 and Java on Linux and Windows.

An ideal candidate for this position would have in-depth experience with C++ as well as an ability to develop tools in Java or Python. We also highly value experience in high-performance computing, programming language design/implementation, graphics, and distributed systems.

In this role, you will

  • Design, implement, document, test, and maintain components of Flagship’s operational, medical, and clinical  software
  • Participate in team- and group-level design process for modules and subsystems
  • Follow industry best practices and Flagship software development process
  • Be expected to work independently as well as closely with other team members

About you

The ideal candidate will have many of the following skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent industry experience
  • Read and write intermediate to advanced C++.  This includes basic template programming, such as functions and containers. Advanced template metaprogramming is not required.
  • Read and write basic to intermediate Java
  • Modern OpenGL including GLSL shader development
  • Low-level graphics
  • Image processing
  • High-performance computing
  • Confident, competent, independent developer
  • Basic knowledge of git version control
  • Fluent in English, both verbal and written
  • Ability to work with minimal oversight
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic small team environment

What we offer

This position enjoys competitive salary, excellent benefits, non-traditional or flexible work hours, a professional but relaxed development process, and the satisfaction of building something that really matters.

Thank you for your interest in Flagship Biosciences!

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